According to a recent World Bank report, Pakistan faces a substantial housing deficit of 10 million units, encompassing not only homelessness but also inadequate housing characterized by substandard construction materials, poor quality, and a lack of basic facilities. To effectively improve the quality of life for individuals, it is imperative to comprehend the socio-cultural and economic systems of low-income populations to develop contextually appropriate solutions. ADRL focuses its research on Housing as a Social System, aiming to identify sustainable, culturally aligned, and cost-effective solutions that address the housing needs of the lower strata of Pakistani society.

Wallah House

This was a low-cost house designed in Mehran Town, Korangi Industrial Area, for Wallah and her family of 7, using Zakat money from the people where she works, in 2020/2021. This was a plot of size 1080 SF, where we…

Fozia House

Fozia’s House is an experiment to create dignified shelters for the lower-income strata of Karachi, who do not have access to quality design or essential services and amenities. In such a prevalent context, Fozia’s House was a conscious effort to…

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