Lignum Park

Lignum Park is a neighborhood parks located in Clifton, Block 2, Karachi. It lies in the East of Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture. Linear in shape and covering an area of almost 1450 square yards, it is surrounded by three thoroughfares with varying degrees of vehicular traffic. Before the park was built the site served as a rubble and garbage dumping ground. It also served as a refuge for addicts. The two longer sides were already lined with a series of reasonably mature lignum trees providing the site with a natural enclosure which was retained in the proposed design. Hence, the name Lignum Park. Representatives of the community suggested that this new park may very well be designed as a place of interaction, conversations and play for the senior citizens of the neighborhood.

Designer / Researcher Ira Kazi
Output Type Park
Location Block 2, Clifton, Karachi
Client Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture
Budget PKR 400,000
Area 1450 Square yards
Structural Engineer Gul & Thariani Architects
Funding Donations

Research Questions

  • How do you design a sustainable park?
  • How do you design a park that is easy to maintain?
  • What plants are suitable for the climate and social conditions?
  • What materials can withstand vandalism?
  • How do you socially activate a space?
  • How do you include senior citizens?
  • How do you include children?
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