Wallah House

This was a low-cost house designed in Mehran Town, Korangi Industrial Area, for Wallah and her family of 7, using Zakat money from the people where she works, in 2020/2021. This was a plot of size 1080 SF, where we built only storey, but made provision for making one or two stores in the future. The project was completed in 9 months and the cost was Rs 2030 PSF. The expected time was 4 months and cost was Rs 2000 PSF. We were able to apply a lot of the things we learnt from Fozia’s House. This allowed us to mitigate a lot of the challenged we had faced earlier. However, since this was a slum (the plot was not a “regularized/legal” plot) we had a lot of problems with local police and neighbours. This aspect was new for our learning. This project is a great example/precedent for future work in Affordable Housing, for me and for those who are interested in similar work.

Designer / Researcher Zohaib Zuby
Completion Year 2021
Output Type Architectural Design and Construction Management
Function Low-Cost House
Location Mehran Town, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi
Client Wallah (Family of 7)
Project Period 2 months for design + 7 months for construction
Budget PKR 2,192,420
Area 1080 SF (Single Storey)
Structural Engineer Mushtaq Sahib
Main Contractor Iqbal Contractor
Funding Zakat

Research Questions

  • How can we intelligently use a limited budget to deliver the best possible design solution in terms of low-cost building which will be robust and also aesthetically pleasing and dignified (given we are working in a slum)?
  • How can our design utilize vernacular/traditional architectural methods to offer a design solution which the users will respond to, and will be economical?
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