Bilal Kapadia


Bilal Kapadia is an Architect who has graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. He is one of the director/principal Architects at Coalesce Design Studio which is a Karachi based multi-faceted team with the aim of delivering cutting edge designs. They have done numerous acknowledged projects including Kapadia residence, his own dwelling among an expansive list which spans across a number of regions and typologies. Bilal and the team at Coalesce are also responsible for representing Pakistan at various platforms such as Dubai Design Week, London Biennale 2016, and Dubai Art Week and raised the flag of Pakistan at the Venice Biennale 2018. Alongside, Bilal has been active in architectural education having taught at the various institutes of Karachi at varying capacities.

Daniyal Tariq


Daniyal is an architect and computational designer whose work is deeply rooted in exploring the environmental crisis and speculating alternative narratives, often drawing inspiration from science fiction. He explores systems, geometries, and materials in his practice.
He studied architecture at IVS and explored data science at IBA before completing his masters in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design at IAAC in Spain. For the past five years, he has worked with The Architects: Studio Tariq Hussan, primarily focusing on low-cost housing, high rises, and urban planning. He is the Founder/Partner at Sifr, a research-based practice that designs new materials and systems for everyday problems.

Daniyal’s work is driven by a desire to explore and promote evidence-directed design, which has led him to integrate Artificial Intelligence and data science into his process. He works towards developing tools and techniques that can contribute to more sustainable design. Additionally, he has a keen interest in investigating habitats for extreme environments.

Farishtay Zaidi


Farishtay is an architect based in Finland and holds a B-Arch from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan. Being a strong advocate for spatial justice, she is invested in working towards promoting pluralism in architecture.

Her commitment to working for the social, environmental and economic uplift of communities living in informal settlements was reflected in her thesis project, which was recognised nationally when she received an Honourable Mention for the IAP Graduate Award to acknowledge exemplary architectural thesis work. In an effort to build upon her research, Farishtay has recently collaborated with ADRL for the research and design of a folio of an affordable house project based in an informal settlement of Karachi.

Farheen Rehan


Farheen graduated from IVSAA in 1999 holding a bachlors degree in communication design She started off as a freelance designer and worked for various local and international ventures. She currently serves as a director at a nutraceutical company leading their design department and works closely with the marketing team.

Farah Shariq


With a passion for all things design and advertising, Farah Shariq is an Indus Valley graduate from the batch of 2000 and an MBA from IoBM- 2007.With 20 plus years experience in Graphic Design inclusive of copywriting, part time teaching, managerial feats and art direction, Farah is currently working as a Social Media Manager at an affluent Architectural firm.
Apart from her avid interest in Communication Design, and taking care of her family, reading to date, remains her first love.

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